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MBA Admission 2014

Distance Learning MBA

Education is one of the basic necessities of life. Higher education is important to achieve top positions in employment and lead a successful personal life thereafter. Due to fast-pace of life, being multitasking in nature is most important. Here comes the word ‘distance’ into action. The term helps combine higher learning with the rapid pace of life and facilitates working individuals with their desire for learning.

Today, distance learning MBA is a reality that is educating several working professionals under the discipline of management. This master level course under management can be sought after from any of the top rated universities in India which are well defined in the sphere of distance education. As these universities are accredited for the quality and consistency of online management programs, have become the most trusted method for earning certified MBA degrees in various concentrations.

You would find here many a finest university of the nation to choose one from for your distance learning MBA pursuit. Accreditation helps put faith in the university’s credibility and you reset assured of quality of management programs. Universities listed on this page have years of experience in online learning and boast of vast alumni network that is spread world over. So, placement is guaranteed post completing a distance learning MBA program in any of the concentrations from an accredited Indian distance learning university.

Plan strategically -----------------------------------------------types of distance MBA.

Online MBA

Online MBA is a great way to refining one's existing management skills alongside a full time job. In this mode, students need not be physically present in the traditional classrooms; yet, can pursue the course from the comfort of their homes.

Executive MBA

Devised specifically for working adults, the one year executive MBA program is a series of focused management studies. The program is inclined more on sharpening one's professional skills and increasing competence so as to give working professionals with an edge over others.

Part Time MBA

Part time MBA comes forward like a boon to those, who are working full time. Candidates are required to join few weekend classes to upgrade their skills and knowledge and that too while working full time.

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